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Brihadeshwara Temple Online Virtual Tour – 360 degree View of Tanjavur Brihadeeshwara Temple

An architectural gem, Thanjavur Brihadeshwara Temple was built during the reign of Chola King Rajaraja I (985 – 1016 AD). The temple is noted for a large murti (idol) of Nandi, the second largest in India. Another noteworthy feature of the temple is the Vimana Tower nearly 65 m high crowned with a huge cupola carved from a single boulder and weighs over 80 tonnes. Now Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation and Department of Tourism is providing an online virtual tour of Tanjavur Brihadeeshwara Temple. In the virtual tour you can view a 360 degree panoramic view of the temple from 13 different areas inside and outside the temple.

You can view the Virtual Tour of Thanjavur Brihadeshwara Temple here in this link –  Virtual Tour of Thanjavur Brihadeshwara Temple.

If the above link is not working you try the online vritual tour here in this website.

Note: Please patiently wait for the image to upload to perform the virtual tour. It’s really wonderful.