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Atla Taddi 2024 date

Atla Taddi is observed by married and unmarried women in Andhra Pradesh in the month of Ashwin. Atla Taddi 2024 date is October 20. On Atla Taddi day, prayers are offered to Goddess Gauri (Parvati) for the welfare and long life of husbands by married women. Unmarried women pray for a good life partner.

Atla Taddi fast is observed on the day from sunrise to sunset. Women and unmarried girls eat food before sunrise on the day. Gauri Puja is performed in the evening.

The fast is broken in the evening by consuming specially prepared dosas with gooseberry chutney and other dishes.

A major highlight of the festival is women playing on swings and engaging in other games. Applying Mehndi on hands is compulsory on the day.

During the same period Karva Chouth is observed in North India.

How to observe Atla Taddi?