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What is Avidhava Navami? – How to perform Pitrupaksha Shradh for Sumangali Women?

Vidhava means Widow. “Avidhava” means not a Widow – Sumangali. Avidhava Navami in the context of Pitru Paksham is the day on which ceremonies/rituals are to be performed for those Women (Mothers) who died as Sumangali. Avidhava Navami 2024 date is September 26

It should be performed by the son/s on the Navami tithi day during Pithru Paksha.

On this day, brahmana – muthaide bhojana should be arranged, apart from regular Shradha. Some people perform Sankalpa Shradha on this day, whereas some people only do Shradha.

During Avidhava Navami, unlike paksha (wherein all the forefathers will be called), only his mother, mother’s in law and great grand mother (maata, maatamahi, and prapitaamahi) will be called and panda pradhana will be done. (This is also called as anvasthaka shraddha).

Avidhavanavami has to be done as long as the husband of the muthaide is surviving. After father’s death, Avidhavanami need not be done.

shraaddham navamyaam kuryaattu mRutE bhartari lupyatE | - We have to invite the mutthaideyaru for avidhanavami by giving oil-turmeric-kumkuma. While giving dakshine/tamboola, one has to give kumkuma, saaree, blouse piece, flowers, mirror, with marada bagina.

On this day, holige-ambode or bonda to be done. Uddina Vade NOT TO BE DONE FOR

Written by Narahari Sumadhwa