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Pinda Daan Ritual Dedicated to the Dead

Pinda Daan is an important ritual dedicated to the dead in Hinduism. Offering Pindas (Pinda Daan) helps the soul of the dead person to achieve Moksha.

It is believed that after Pinda Daan ritual the soul of the dead person severs his/her attachment with the materialistic world and attains liberation and merges with the Supreme Soul.

Pinda Daan during Pitra Paksha fortnight in Ashwin month is considered the apt period to satisfy an unsatisfied spirit.

Varanasi (Kashi), Gaya, Gokarna and many places along the banks of River Ganga are chosen to perform Pinda Daan ritual during Pitru Paksha fortnight.

Pinda Daan ritual is performed with the help of a learned priest or acharya. The rites during Pinda Daan ritual varies from region to region and also depend on the mode of death. Special rites and rituals are performed for unnatural deaths like suicide, accident, murder etc.