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Dashanan Mandir in Kanpur – Ravana Temple - Opens Only On Dasara

Dedicated to Ravan, the Dashanan Mandir located outside the Chinnamasta Temple at Shivala in Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh is open for worship in a year only on the Dussehra day. Ravana is believed to be the guard of Goddess Chinnamasta and the 5ft idol of Ravan stands outside the temple protecting the deity.

Legend has it that Ravan who was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva was always on the lookout for ways to appease Him. Guarding Chinmastika was one of the ways that Ravan found to impress Lord Shiva.

This temple of Ravana opens only in the morning of Dasara day and closes after 12 hours. Thousands of people from different parts of India arrive on the day to offer prayers to Ravan.

When effigy of demon Ravana is burned in one place, another place chooses to worship him – suggesting that there is an amount of goodness in every person.

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