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Research on Historical Places Associated with Ramayan in Sri Lanka

Ramayana Trail Executive Committee associated with the Ministry of Tourism Sri Lanka is conducting extensive research to unravel the places associated with Ramayan in Sri Lanka. They have also got a website exclusively dedicated to the Ramayana Research in Sri Lanka.

Ramayana Trail Executive Committee have identified around 18-places associated with Ramayan.

Some of the places identified are Cobra Hooded Cave the place where Mata Sita was held captive. Rawan Ella cave, Nala Sethu, Molagoda etc are some of the places identified.

You can find details of the Historical places associated with Ramayan identified so far in Sri Lanka here at the official website of Ramayana Trail Executive Committee – Ramayana Research (www.ramayanaresearch.com/index.html). The link no longer active

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