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Raksha Bandhan in Nepal – Different from the Rakhi Ritual in India

Raksha Bandhan festival in Nepal is observed on the Purnima day (full moon) in Shravan month. On the day all people including children, girls and women tie a sacred yellow thread on their wrist. The thread is worn for protection and for good luck. In 2021, the date of Raksha Bandhan in Nepal is August 22.

The ritual is dedicated to King Bali, a generous king mentioned in the Puranas who was pushed to the underworld by Lord Vishnu in his Vamana Avatar.

Difference Between Raksha Bandhan In Nepal And India

There is a big difference between the Raksha Bandhan festival in India and Nepal. In India, the festival celebrates sister-brother relationship. On this day, the sister ties ‘Rakhi’ on her brother who pledges to protect her from any danger.

In Nepal, the Raksha tied is a yellow thread and is tied by a priest. All people including men, women and children tie the thread. The priest chant prayers and ties the thread. Men tie it on their right wrist and women tie it on the left wrist.

The Raksha Bandhan thread is removed on the Diwali Lakshmi puja day. The thread is then tied on the tail of a cow as it is believed that the cow will help in overcoming all danger even death.