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Raghavendra Aradhana 2024 - Samadhi Day of Guru Sri Raghavendra Swamy in 2024

Raghavendra Aradhana in 2024 is the 353rd Aradhana Mahotsava of Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy. It is the day when Guru entered Brindavan. Shri Raghavendra Swamy, a 16th-century saint, and Guru, advocated Vaishnavism and popularized the Dvaita philosophy of Madhvacharya. The Raghavendra Aradhana 2024 will be held at Mantralayam on August 21.
  • Tuesday, August 20:   Poorva Aradhane 
  • Wednesday, August 21:   Madhya Aradhane
  • Thursday, August 22:  Uttara Aradhane 
Meaning of the term Aradhana for Raghavendra Devotees -  Aradhana is the day when Raghavendra Swamy entered the Brindavan for his Samadhi. They do not like to use the words death anniversary. Raghavendra Swami Aradhana is the day when Rayaru entered Brindavana alive and he is continuing there for about 700 years. 

Most mutts and organizations associated with Sri Raghavendra Swamy around India will be observing the Aradhana. It begins with the Poorva Aradhana.

It is annually observed on Shravan Krishna Paksha Dwitiya or the second day during the waning phase of moon in Shravan month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Karnataka.

It is widely believed that Raghavendra Swamy is a manifestation o Prahlada, one of the greatest bhaktas of Vishnu. He served as the head of the Sri Math founded by Sri Madhvacharya from 1621 to 1671.

He is believed to have performed numerous miracles during his lifetime. He also composed numerous bhajans and commentary on the teachings of Madhvacharya.

Guru Sri Raghavendra Swamy merged with the Supreme Truth on 1671 (attained Samadhi).

The samadhi place of Guru Sri Raghavendra Swamy is known as Brindavana and is located at Mantralayam.

Brindavana, constructed under his own supervision, is worshipped by pilgrims visiting the place.

On the final day, Guru went through his daily rituals and delivered his last discourse to a large gathering of devotees.

“I would be parting only my body but would be present physically to safeguard the welfare of all” was the last message Guru Sri Raghavendra Swamy gave before entering into the Brindavana.

Various Rituals Pujas And Devotional Programs During Aradhana

This is the most important festival observed in the Sri Raghavendra Swamy mutt in Mantralayam and in the mutts elsewhere in India and abroad. The festival is also known as Maha Aradhana – commemorating the entry of Guru Raghavendra Swamy into the Samadhi alive.

The elaborate religious rituals held at the Brindavana of Sri Raghavendra Swamy are a spectacle to watch and is one which no devotee would like to miss. During the occasion, the entire mutt complex is tastefully decorated and the whole of Mantralayam town wears a festive look.

The grand car festival is held as part of the Maha Aradhana in which tens of thousands of devotees from different parts of the country and abroad participates. The utsava murti of Sri Raghavendra is taken around the temple during the aradhana celebrations.

Go puja, gaja puja and other pujas are performed before the car festival. This is preceded by the hoisting of the flag to mark the beginning of the maharathada. Shakatosava and Rajata Rathotsava are held along with other religious rituals the day before Poorva Aradhana day.

Simha Vahana savari is held on the Poorva Aradhana day.

The Madhya Aradhana day is famous for the Maha Panchamrutha Abhisheka.

The Uttara Aradhana day is famous for the Swarna Rathotsava.

The mutt also presents every year Sri Raghavendra Anugraha awards to eminent personalities who served society.

The Maha Aradhana begins with the peetadhipathi (mutt head) and archakas beginning the rituals at 4:00 AM on the first day after Nirmalya Visarjana followed by Sri Raghavendra Swamy Utsava Murthy Pada Puja and Panchamrutha Abhisheka. These rituals continue till 8:00 AM and are followed by puja to Sri Moola Raghupathi Vedavyasa Devaru at 11:00 AM; Alankara Santarpana, Hastodaka, Maha Mangalarathi and Theertha Prasada rituals continue till 2:30 PM. The mutt head or peetadhipathi would also perform ksheera abhishekam, pancamurtha abhisheka, tulasi archana and maha mangalarathi on all the days of the festival.

From 5:00 PM onwards religious discourses called jnana yagna by scholars from different parts of the country would be held the mutt premises as part of the Maha Aradhana. Cultural programs feature reputed artists and singers from different parts of the country are held.

Rig Veda Nityaanutana Upakarma is conducted on the first day of the festival. Yajurveda Nityanutana Upakarma is held on the next day.

Rituals including Hagalu Devatige, Malike Mangalarati, Swati Vachana and Prakara Utsava are held regularly on all the five days.

The Ardhana festival is preceded by a week-long discourse on Bhagavad Gita by Sanskrit scholars on the mutt premises.

One of the key features of the Aradhana is the offering of Sheshavastram of Bhagavan Venkateswara Swami offered by the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) authorities to the Brindavana of Sri Raghavendra Swamy every year.

The Sheshavastram brought by a team of officials and priests from Tirupati Balaji Temple is received by the mutt head and place on the Brindavana and a special Panchamrutha Abhisheka is performed on the occasion.