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Maheshwaram Ganesha – Largest Silver Ganesh Idol in the World

Episode Silver store in Lower Parel in Mumbai has created 11 Silver Ganesh idols which are five feet high and 4.5 feet in width making them the largest and tallest silver Ganesh idols in the world. The cost of this Big Silver Ganesha is 23.5 Lakh (2.35 million Indian rupees). This precious sterling silver Ganesha idol is called Maheshwaram Ganesha.

It is a limited edition Ganesha Idol and only 11 pieces of this Silver Ganesha Murti will be sold worldwide.

The idol will be unveiled on August 18, 2009 at the High Street Phoenix Store as part of the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival.

Mid-day.com reports

The Lord is seated, with a conchshell, the Bhagvad Gita, and a lotus in his hands. His vahan, the mouse, moves around him playfully, and is depicted in multiple positions around him. His crown is embedded with emeralds, while the ornaments are crafted using rubies and other semi-precious stones.

For Deepak Whorra, MD and Head Designer at Episode, considers the Maheshwaram Ganesha one of the toughest pieces he has made. "Since it is a life-size idol in silver, one that hasn't been made before, we had no guidelines to follow. Getting the proportions right was a task. We learnt through trial-and-error, and ended up remaking the idol several times."

A team of eleven craftsmen from Kolkata, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Benaras arrived in Delhi to design the idol and its jewellery. While it took four months to conceptualise the design, the remaining time was spent executing it.

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