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Jandhyala Purnima

Jandhyala Purnima is observed on the full moon day (Poornima) in the month of Shravan in Andhra Pradesh. Brahmins perform the sacred thread changing ceremony on this day and it is also known as Yajurveda Nutanasahitha Upakarma. Jandhyala Purnima 2024 date is on August 19. It must be noted that those people who follow Rg Veda perform the ceremony on the day before Shravan Purnima.

Jandhyam is the sacred thread worn by Brahmins and it is also known as Yagnopaveetham or Yagnopaveetham. Jeerna or old Jandhyam is removed and new Yagnopaveetham is worn on the Jandhyala Purnima day.

The rituals associated with Jandhyala Purnima vary from place to place and also from community to community. Especially in regard with the chanting of various mantras. The procedure depends mainly on Mutt affiliation.

Brahmin boys also begin the learning of Vedas from this day. Vedic study is a must for a male member of the Brahmin community. In some regions, Brahmins also perform the ‘Kamo Karshit’ ceremony on the day. It is meant to help them in not making mistakes while reciting the Vedas and also for protection and forgiveness if they mistakes while chanting the Vedas.

Jandhyala Purnima ritual is more popularly known as Upakarma and in Tamil Nadu and Kerala it is referred as Avani Avittam.