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Avani Moolam 2024 Date – Festival on Aavani Moolam Nakshatram

Avani Moolam is a unique festival observed in Tamil culture on the Moolam Nakshatram day in Avani month (August – September). Avani Moolam 2024 date is September 12. Aavani Moolam festival is dedicated to Bhagwan Mahadev Shiva. The most important Avani Moolam festival and rituals are held at the Madurai Meenakshi Temple.

Special processions are held on the day in Madurai Meenakshi Temple. The festival is basically dedicated to the reenactment of a famous incident involving Mahadeva Shiva. Also known as Puttu festival, Avani Moolam is based on a local legend and is referred as the sport of carrying soil for the wages of rice pudding.

An important legend in which Mahadeva Shiva sends his Ganas as horses to keep the promise of Saint Manikkavasagar and it is believed to have happened on Avani Moolam day.