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Basumati Snana Festival in Orissa

Basumati Snana festival is dedicated to Mother Earth and is celebrated mainly in Orissa in India. The festival is sort of a continuation of the Raja Sankranti festival. Special poojas are offered to Mother Earth for nourishing all the living beings. In 2020, the date of Basumati Snana is June 17.

Goddess Mahalakshmi, symbolizing Mother Earth, during the festival is offered sacred water. The idol (murti of Maa Laxmi) is also smeared with sandalwood paste.

Special pujas are performed on farmlands. People pray for a good harvest during the next agricultural season.

All these unique festivals still observed in rural India is a reminder of the wisdom of our ancestors. They valued the importance of nature. They lived in harmony with nature without tampering its rhythm.

If we do not adapt the wisdom of our forefathers, the human race will face umpteen problems and will soon perish like the dinosaurs. 

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