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Story of the Divine Birth of Veda Vyasa

Veda Vyasa was born to Sage Parashara and Kali, the fisherwoman. Kali is also known as Satyavati, who later married King Shantanu. Legend has it that Sage Parashara was once attempting cross Yamuna and took the help of a young beautiful woman named Kali, who was the daughter of a fisherman.

The beautiful young Kali aroused passion in Sage Parashara. The beautiful nature and the surroundings acted as a catalyst. Sage Parashara created a thick fog around the boat and created an artificial island. The couple had sexual union on the island.

Sage Parashara said to young Kali that as soon as he leaves, a son will be born to her who will become the teacher of the world and divide the Vedas. He also blessed her that even after the birth of a son she will remain a virgin.

Soon on that artificial island, young Kali gave birth to a male child. As soon as the child was born, he grew up and told his mother that she had played her part in the divine mission by giving birth to him and need not worry about him. He also said that he will come to her aid whenever she needs it.

As a child, Vyasa was referred as Krishna and as he was born on an island he was also known as Krishnadvaipayana. After dividing the Vedas, he was known as Veda Vyasa.

Sage Parashara descended from Vishnu and was destined to be the father of Sage Vyasa. Kali too had an unusual birth as she was found inside a fish by the fisherman. The meeting of Sage Parashara and Young Kali was a divine union and destined to happen. Some scholars suggest that that Sage Vyasa is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.