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Savitri Brata 2018 date in Orissa

Savitri Brata is observed by married women in Orissa and eastern parts of India for the wellbeing of husbands. In 2018, the date of Savitri Brata is May 15. Savitri Vrata falls on the Amavasi or No moon day in the month of Jyeshta (April – May). This popular observance is based on the Savitri – Satyavan Legend in the Mahabharata.

Legend has it that Savitri was able to rescue her husband, Satyavan, from the clutches of Yama, the god of death. She achieved this impossible task through sheer determination, courage and perseverance.

Savitri Brata fasting is from sunrise to sunset. An important event on the day that all married women compulsorily take part is the reading of the Sabirti Brata Katha (story of Savitri).

In some regions, the parents or brothers of married women pay for all the expenses needed for the Savitri Brata Puja.