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Jala Krida Ekadasi – Jalkrida Ekadashi

Jala Krida Ekadashi is observed on the 11th day of the Krishna Paksha of (waning phase of moon) in Jyeshta month as per traditional Oriya calendar. Jalkrida Ekadasi is popularly observed as Apara Ekadasi in other regions. Jalakrida Ekadasi is associated with the Puri Jagannath Temple ritual. In 2021, the date of Jalakrida Ekadasi is June 6.

Ekadasi fasting is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is observed during the 11th day of a lunar fortnight. In some regions, certain Ekadasi’s attach a regional flair – mostly associated with a famous Vishnu incarnation that is worshipped in the region. Such instances are more noted in Orissa and is associated with the Lord Jagannath worship.

Few examples of Ekadasi associated with Lord Jagannath observed in exclusively in Orissa are Jalakrida Ekadasi, Bhoumi Ekadasi, Papanashini Ekadasi etc.

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