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Book: Messages from Amma – In the Language of the Heart

The book titled ‘Messages from Amma – In the Language of the Heart’ contains quotations from Mata Amritanandamayi’s public talks and personal dialogues, and songs. The book is edited and the quotations have been collected by Dr. Janine Canan, psychiatrist and Amma devotee. Jaico Publishing House has released the book in India.

Known to millions as Amma (mother) or Ammachi (mother), Mata Amritanandamayi spreads the message of love and compassion through her unique way of hugging and blessing.

Dr. Canan has translated Amma’s messages to English so that they are preserved and available for all. Some of themes in the book are “Love, the Cure,” “Surrendering the Ego,” and “Entering the Stream of Grace.”

Messages from Amma
Editor - Janine Canan
Published by Jaico Publishing House
Price Rs.225


Amma’s Thoughts on dealing with Recession and Financial Troubles