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Batuk Bhairav Jayanti

Batuk Bhairav is an incarnation of Mahadev Shiva and is associated with Bhairav Nath. In 2025, the date of Batuk Bhairav Jayanti is June 5. This form of Shiva bhagavan is mostly associated with Tantra and he is propitiated in this form for material gains. Batuk Bhairav is also the child form of Shiva as Bhairav Nath. Another form is Maha Kal or Kal Bhairav.

It is believed that Mahadev Shiva appeared in the form of Batuk Bhairav on the tenth day during the waxing phase of moon in Jyeshta Month. Batuk Bhairav Stotra is chanted on the day.

There are numerous Batuk Bhairav shrines in North India and the day is observed with special pujas and rituals in these temples. Shiva Bhagavan as Batuk Bhairav and Kal Bhairav is worshipped by Tantriks and who believe in Tantrism.

Some sadhaks use Batuk form to visualize and symbolically represent the one pure atman. Batuk Bhairav is also known as Gora Bhairava – he is white in complexion – gentle.

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