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Hindu Priesthood or Modern Career – A tough decision for Youngsters from family of traditional Hindu priests

Whether to join the Vedic Schools and study for Hindu Priesthood or to join colleges and pursue a career different from earlier generations is a dilemma a faced by many youngsters who are born into the family of traditional Hindu priests. The choice becomes even tougher for those young men who join college and continue studying in Vedic schools – because at one point they have to choose one career. But there are many people who first complete a professional degree and then continue studying Vedas – many believe that Vedic studies is a rare skill.

Samanth Subramanian in a well researched article in Livemint.com captures the dilemma faced by many young Brahmin youngsters

After seven years of juggling Vedas and school, Satya, a Tamil Brahmin, had to make the big decision: whether to follow his family and make a career in Hindu priesthood--or to forge his own new path. As an undergraduate engineering student now, he has only temporarily kept the decision on hold.

The article explores the Vedic Schools and the ambitions of young students who study at the Vedic Schools. You can read the article here - Mixing Vedas and code in new-age India.