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Anju Bhargava in US President Obama’s Faith Based Council

Anju Bhargava, founder of Asian Indian Women of America, has been nominated as a member of the faith council that will advise the President of the United States on faith-based and other key issues, such as fatherhood and poverty. This particular office in the White House is meant primarily to support faith-based groups, including by helping them get government funding or access to legal guidance about religion-state boundaries. Anju Bhargava is noted for her insightful articles on Hinduism.

Sitayanam, a Woman's Journey... of Strength, a contemporary perspective on Goddess Sita from Ramayana, is one of the articles of Anju Bhargava.

Anju Bhargava is a graduate of Stella Maris College, Madras University, India and Rutgers University (MBA), with training at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, American University, Kellogg, Graduate School of Management and Dale Carnegie Institute. She has provided thought leadership in the public and private sectors. She has conducted workshops, presented and published papers at many venues, including The Conference Board. She is a contributor to Global Diversity: Winning Customers and Engaging Employees Within by E. Gundling, A. Zanchettini. She is a recipient of numerous awards.

You can find more details about Anju Bhargava at her official website.