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Panchajanya – The Conch or Shanka of Lord Vishnu

Panchajanya is the divine conch or Shanka that emerged from the ocean of milk during the Samudra Mantha (the churning of ocean) by the gods and demons for Amrut (Ambrosia). Lord Vishnu received the Panchajanya, which is considered to be a divinity in its own right.

There is lot of symbolism attributed to Panchajanya. Lord Vishnu himself is said to be represented in the Shamka (Conch). Sun and Moon are said to reside in it, Varuna, the god of waters is said to rest in the middle portion; Prajapati, the first born and the progenitor of all beings in its tail portion; and River Goddess Ganga and Saraswathi in its front portion.

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