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Neelam Stone and Shani Amavasya – Benefits of Worship of Shani Bhagavan on Shani Amavasya

There is a popular belief among a large section of Hindus that wearing Neelam stone on Shani Amavasya (no moon day on Saturday) will help in avoiding all the problems arising in life out of the bad positioning of the Shani Navgraha. Worship of Shani Bhagavan has numerous benefits on the day including change of luck and desire fulfillment.

Neelam Stone, also known as Blue Sapphire, is worn by people facing problems due to a malicious Shani Navgraha (Saturn) in their horoscope or janam kundli.

One should buy a neelam stone ring and wear it on the ringer finger on Shani Amavasya – when there is a no moon or amavas on Saturday (Shanivar). The popular belief is that Shani will be pleased with the person and will remove his evil eye from the life of the afflicted person. As per astrology, the evil eye of Shani causes numerous problems in the life of a person.

The positive aura created by the neelam stone will make sure that the person will not be afflicted by bad luck. There will be peace and prosperity in life. Even his enemies will not be able to create problems in his life.

Apart from wearing the stone, the person should feed poor people (especially those afflicted with leprosy). Donating black shoes, urad dal (black gram) and black blanket on the day will earn extra merits.

In the evening or morning of Shani Amavasya, the person should water peepal tree and light lamp using til ka tel (sesame oil).

In the evening after 5:30 PM, the person should visit a Shani temple and chant Shani stotra written by Raja Dasharath.

Light lamp using bitter oil (like sesame) after chanting the Shani stotra.