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Goddess Jagadhatri - About Maa Jagadhatri

Goddess Jagadhatri is one of the most popular forms of Durga worshipped in Eastern parts of India. Maa Jagadhatri is believed to be provider of the Purusharthas – Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. She is associated with Tantrism and is mentioned in the Kubjika Tantra and Katyayani Tantra. Jagadhatri puja is an important puja and festival in the Kartik month in certain parts of Bengal.

Legend has it that Devas, demons and humans became arrogant and started to deviate from the path of the Dharma. They forgot the Supreme Being and refused to recognize it – their bloated ego forced them to consider themselves as self sufficient. To teach them a lesson, Goddess Durga appeared in the form of a light, which was equal to a million suns and moons together.

The Devas, demons and humans realized their folly and soon prayed before Goddess Durga to retrieve the light which will end the universe. The light transformed into Goddess Jagadhatri – sustainer of the worlds.

Goddess Jagaddhatri is also known as Trisandhya Vyapini as she is believed to be pervade in the three phases of the day – morning, noon and twilight.

In idol form, Goddess Jagaddhatri is depicted as having four hands with conch, discus, bow and arrow and one hand in blessing posture. Her color is that of the morning sun. She wears red garments and wears serpent as sacrificial chord. She is bedecked with ornaments. Her animal is a lion and is usually depicted as sitting on the back of a lion.