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Shiva as a Child – The Child form of Lord Shiva

One of the lesser known incarnations of Lord Shiva is a Child. Shiva took the form of a child to pacify Goddess Shakti, who took the form of the ferocious form of Goddess Chamunda to kill the demons Chara and Munda. 

After annihilating Chara and Munda, Goddess Chamunda looked around the earth and realized that the real demons are ego, avarice, jealousy, anger and lust which has overwhelmed the mind of human beings and decided to destroy the universe. Goddess Shakti, the mother of the Universe, thus decided to take up an unusual role of the destructor of the Universe.

Sensing the impending danger, Lord Shiva decided to take the form a child. Soon Mahadeva took the form a baby and began to cry. His cry echoed through the universe and Goddess Chamunda looked around and found Shiva in the form a child.

Goddess Shakti experienced pangs of motherly love and soon approached the child with an urge to nurse him. Child Shiva was soon able to pacify the ferocious Chamunda.

While nursing the child Shiva, Goddess Shakti realized that she was the mother of the universe and her rage turned to affection.