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Holi Rang – How to make natural red color for Holi Festival at home?

Red is one of the most important colour (gulal) used during the Holi festival. The original colors used for Holi festival are all natural in origin and are made using the trees and flowers that bloom during the Holi Spring season. Sadly, the powders and colors used during the festival today are made from chemical substances and are dangerous. Here are few simple tips to create natural Holi red color –

Natural Red Color Powder for Holi
Red Sandalwood powder. This is available in shops. Or you can make them by powdering small pieces of Sandalwood.

Powder of dry red hibiscus flowers mixed with any white flour will give natural red color.

Buy rose petals and dry them in sunlight. Once the rose petals have lost all water content and are in crisp form, grind them and this is will give a fragrant gulal.

The red Annatto seeds can be grounded in a mixer to create dry red color.

Natural Red Color Water for Holi
Boil red sandalwood or powder in water. You will get a thick red color solution and this can be diluted using plain water.

You can also rub sandalwood on a stone by using water and extract a paste. This paste can be diluted in water.

Boil red powdered red Annatto seeds in water and dilute it by adding plain water.

Boiling peels of thick red pomegranate will give red color and you can dilute it.

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