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Story Of Ravana Violating Rambha And Curse By Nalkubera

Ravana, the mighty demon king of Lanka, roamed the universe, challenging various beings and asserting his dominance. His exploits were known far and wide, instilling fear and respect in those who heard his name. One day, during his wanderings, Ravana found himself at Mount Kailasha. It was evening, and the serene environment offered a stark contrast to the turbulent thoughts that often plagued his mind. The mild breeze was blowing, and the moon shone brightly, casting a soothing light over the landscape.

As Ravana rested, a desire for female companionship arose within him. In his solitude, he yearned for the company of a woman. At that moment, his eyes fell upon the apsara Rambha, a celestial nymph of extraordinary beauty, who was passing by. Overcome by lust, Ravana approached her and caught her by the hand, demanding her company.

Rambha, startled and distressed, looked at him with pleading eyes and said, "You are my father-in-law. Why do you behave thus?"

Ravana, taken aback by her words, asked, "How is that possible?"

Rambha, with a trembling voice, explained, "I am the wife of Nalkubera, the son of Kubera. As Kubera is your elder brother, I am your daughter-in-law."

Despite her explanation and her pleas for mercy, Ravana's lust was unquenched. He dismissed her claims and laughed menacingly. "I do not leave someone I have caught," he declared.

Desperate, Rambha tried to reason with him one last time, saying, "I am on my way to meet my husband. If you let me go, I promise to come to you another day."

But Ravana, blinded by his desire, ignored her pleas and violated her.

Rambha, heartbroken and humiliated, managed to escape and fled to her husband, Nalkuber. In tears, she recounted the horrifying incident.

Nalkubera, upon hearing the tale, was filled with righteous anger and sorrow for his wife. He held her close and said, "I do not fault you, my beloved. All the blame lies with Ravana."

He then pronounced a curse upon Ravana, his voice ringing with divine authority: "If Ravana ever touches another woman by force, he will meet his end."

This curse would come to play a crucial role in the events that unfolded later in Ravana's life, ultimately leading to his downfall. Despite his immense power and fearsome reputation, the consequences of his actions against Rambha would haunt him, illustrating that not even the mightiest can escape the repercussions of their misdeeds.

This story is found in the Bengali Krittibasi Ramayana.