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Importance of Valmiki Jayanti - Significance of the Birth Anniversary of Sage Valmiki

Valmiki Jayanthi, or Balmiki Jayanti, celebrates the birthday of Adi Kavi Maharishi Valmiki. It falls on the full moon day (Purnima) in the Hindi month of Ashwina.  In 2017, the date of Valmiki Jayanti is October 5. Sage Valmiki is the author of epic Ramayana and is one of the greatest saints of the ancient world who through his life and teachings prompted people to think and react against social inequalities. The day is of great
significance in North India and it is also known as Pargat Diwas.

There are numerous theories regarding Valmiki’s birth and about his spiritual transformation. There is no end to such debates. For a true devotee, what matters more is the teachings of Sage Valmiki and the unparalleled teachings of this great sage rises above all unnecessary noises created by intellectuals.

Numerous functions are organized on the day in India and other parts of the world. Special prayers, Shobha Yatras, meetings and distribution of free food are some of the important events on the day.

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