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Glen Peter Kezwer on the core teachings of Sanatana Dharma

From times immemorial India's message has been promulgated by her saints, sages, gurus and rishis and transmitted by them to those who were desirous of knowing the truth.

The essence of this message is simple: Behind the eyes of every living being on earth there shines a light. This light is one and the same in all beings. This light is immortal, blissful, eternal and indestructible. This is the light of consciousness which makes each and every one of us alive and alert and gives us the power to breathe.

Glen Peter Kezwer (Source: Meditation, Oneness and Physics by Glen Peter Kezwer – a physicist from Canada)

The above quotes speak to the interconnectedness and universality of consciousness. It suggests that beyond the physical form of every living being, there exists a radiant light of consciousness. This light is described as singular and consistent across all beings, embodying qualities such as immortality, bliss, eternity, and indestructibility.

This concept implies that regardless of species, race, or individual differences, there is a fundamental essence that unites all living beings. It highlights the idea that at the core of our existence lies this universal consciousness, which animates us, makes us aware, and grants us the ability to experience life.

The assertion that this light of consciousness is immortal and indestructible suggests a belief in the enduring nature of consciousness beyond the confines of physical existence. It implies that even as our physical bodies may perish, this essential light persists.

Furthermore, the reference to consciousness as the force that enables us to breathe suggests a deep connection between our awareness and the very essence of life itself. It suggests that consciousness is not merely a passive observer but an active participant in the experience of existence, intimately linked to the vital processes that sustain life.

Overall, this message conveys a profound perspective on the nature of consciousness, emphasizing its universality, permanence, and vital role in the experience of being alive.