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Mankameshwar Temple in Lucknow Gets First Woman Chief Priest

The famous Mankameshwar Temple in Lucknow gets first woman chief priest or Mahant. Arunima Singh (25) took over as the first woman Mahant of Mankameshwar Temple on Tuesday. A Mahant in Hinduism is a chief priest of a temple or the head of an Ashram. Arunima Singh, whose new name is Devaigya Puri, holds a diploma in pathology from Indian Institute of Paramedics in Delhi. She succeeds her Guru Mahant Keshav Giri.

Virendra Nath Bhatt reports in Indian Express

Did she face any opposition on grounds of gender? “Tough opposition was expected at the election of a woman as mahant of the Mankameshwar Temple but it turned out to be a smooth affair. I had the blessings of my guruji and support of people,” said a beaming mahant Devagiya Puri, facing a rush of disciples eager to touch her feet and seek her blessings.

“A divine soul has no gender. Guru parampara is an ancient tradition and anybody can be a mahant, “said mahant Meera Puri, who represents the Shree Panch Dasnaam Junagadh Akhara. President of Dasnaami Akhara mahant Gyan Das said several women disciples have been elevated to the office of mahant in the past. “Anyone can be a mahant if she fulfills the qualifications,” he said.

Hindu Women mahant is highly encouraging news. Hope she addresses the problems faced by Hindu women.


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