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Management Course to Study Hindu Temple Administration

The unique Management course to study Hindu Temple Administration is offered by Somnath Sanskrit University and is aptly named – Mandir Vyavasthapan. Some people might want to immediately retort saying that Hindu Temples are not business centers. But the amount of donation that several temples are receiving is so huge that most of them are groping in the dark and need professional advice. Professional management is also need to manage crowds during festivals and auspicious days, also in preservation of the temple architecture and above all in matters of security in temples.

The one-year diploma course, Mandir Vyavasthapan, was introduced last year by Somnath Sanskrit University in Gujarat and the response was overwhelming. The course is not merely limited to accounts; there are other subjects like temple architecture, rituals, event management, crowd management, Sanskrit, English, and law.

First batch of 500 students are awaiting the results. Candidates have to pass class XII to gain admission.

Ashish Vashi writes in Times of India about the course:

“We introduced the one-year diploma last year and received a tremendous response. Today, professionals are needed to manage temples and that’s what this course is about,” says vice-chancellor of the university, Pankaj Jani.

Experts in various fields are invited as visiting faculty. “We arrange tours at famous temples across the state. Then, we give assignments to students about their management,” he says.