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Flowers and Leaves offered to Lord Krishna during Pujas and Prayers

Tulsi, or Tulasi leaves is the most important leaf and flower used in pujas and prayers dedicated to Lord Krishna. Tulsi acts both as a flower and leaf and in most temples it is also offered as ‘prasad.’ It is also known as Krishna Tulsi – a dark variety of the plant. It is holy basil in English and in most Indian languages it is known as Tulsi or Thulasi.

Tulsi is the favorite flower and leaf of Sri Krishna.

It is always said by elders that the greatest offering to Lord Krishna is a Tulsi leaf.

Nandhyavattai is another flower is used in South India.

Another important flower that is used in some regions is the Parijatha or coral flowers.

Usually all local flowers that are used pujas and prayers are used in worshipping Lord Krishna.

Flowers that are avoided during Krishna Puja include hibiscus, milkweed and angel’s trumpets.