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Rare Ramayana Painting Exhibition in British Library London

Starting from May 16, 2008, the British Library in London will be exhibiting more than 100 paintings from the 17th-century Mewar Ramayana manuscripts. The free-entry exhibition is titled 'The Ramayana: Love and Valour in India's Great Epic' and will end on September 14, 2008.

About the 17th-century Mewar Ramayana manuscripts

Commissioned by Jagat Singh, this illustrated manuscript of the 'Ramayana' is on the grandest scale, consisting of seven large volumes with over 400 paintings. Four of the original seven volumes are in the British Library, having been given by Maharana Bhim Singh to James Tod, the historian of the Rajputs, in about 1820.

The principal artist working in the Udaipur court studio in the 17th century was Sahib Din. His known works span the years 1628 to 1653. By select and inventive borrowings from the type of popular work produced in the Mughal capital, he was able to transform Rajput painting into a sophisticated vehicle for the depiction of Rajput society and ideals.

More details about the exhibition and Mewar Ramayana paintings can be found here.