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Purnima Vrat – Fasting on Full Moon

Purnima or Poornima is an auspicious day in Hinduism. Poornima is the full moon day and many important rituals and festivals takes place on full moon day. In South India, the day is known as Pournami. Upvaas (Fasting) is observed on this day by some people.

The Purnima Fasting begins at Sunrise and ends after sighting the Moon. Most people only take food after seeing the moon or after evening prayers.

In some places in South India, the Pournami Vratam is dedicated to Devi, Mother Goddess.

Special pujas are performed in temples on Poornima day including the Pournami Pooja.

Satyanarayana or Satya Narayana Puja is another important Pooja performed on the Purnima day.

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