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Lord Shiva is Offered Brooms at Pataleshwar Temple in Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh

Different kinds of offerings are made to please the gods in Hinduism. Puranas are full of description about what can be offered to a particular deity. Hindus have also added to that list a whole lot of new items including broom, which is offered to Shiva at Pataleshwar Temple in Sadatbadi Village near Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh.

Many people might consider broom as an unusual offering. But is it? Shiva accepts anything that is given wholeheartedly by his devotee. He even drank the poison halahala during the Samudra Manthan (churning of ocean).

So, why are brooms offered? People here believe that those people suffering from any sort of skin diseases get cured after taking an oath to offer broom at Pataleshwar Temple.

Shyamlal Yadav writes in India Today

The brooms offered to the god are always in circulation. Once offered, these brooms are sold by the temple authorities to the shopkeepers sitting outside the complex, from where they are bought again by devotees and offered to the deity.

This temple attracts attention not just for its unique offering but also for the peculiar belief attached to it. People say that offering brooms will ease suffering.

Medical science may mock this practice, it is faith and trust that makes people throng this temple to seek succour from their ailments. Even as science advances, this undying faith in the benevolence of the divine lives on.

Visiting Lord Shiva shrine is considered highly auspicious on Mondays and the temple attracts large crowd on the day.

Pataleshwar Temple in Sadatbadi is more than a century old and is located about 6 km from Bahjoi, on the Moradabad-Agra highway.