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Book: Devotional Hinduism: Creating Impressions for God

Devotional Hinduism: Creating Impressions for God is written by Mukul Shri Goel, PhD and it touches the core of Hindu spirituality by presenting its devotional feel, which involves directly connecting to God through the surrender of everyday actions or a love affair with the Divine.

The book explores the spiritual choices that are available to practicing Hindus, how their beliefs affect their behavior, what they strive for in life, how they plan their evolution, how they progress, and who their role models are.

The book has eight chapters which deals with – why saints keep requesting for more and more bhakti, why a single chant of the Lord's name is considered sufficient for liberation, how people adore Vishnu and his incarnations, Shiva and Durga, how our style of interaction with society can help us transcend nature, why our approach of selecting a major in college correlates with our spiritual realization, what happens when love becomes complete surrender, and lots more.

Mukul S. Goel, the author of Devotional Hinduism: Creating Impressions for God, has a PhD for his cardiovascular research at the University of Pennsylvania. But he selected a career in spiritual writing and music and currently lives in India.

You can read more about the book and order from Amazon.