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Nine Characteristics of Lord Rama

The number nine holds a special place in Hindu religion – nine forms of Durga and Navratri celebration, the nine planets, and the nine ways of Bhakti (navavidha Bhakti). Here is a look at the nine characteristics of Lord Rama who birthday is observed on Navami Tithi (9th day of a fortnight)

Similarly, many Hindu devotees fast for nine days – from the first day of Chaitra to Ramnavami. Keeping the nine days or Ram Navami in mind the article takes a look at the nine important characteristics of Lord Ram.

1) Popularity
2) Bravery
3) Kindness
4) Justice
5) Obedience
6) Intelligence
7) Patience
8) Universal Love
9) Being Dutiful

Lord Ram’s teaches us that physical beauty wanes with time, money is soon spent, fame is soon forgotten but generous deeds, great character and boundless compassion endure for all time.

His wish to do good for the people, even at personal suffering endeared him to the people more than elaborate speeches or ceremonies. His personal conduct spoke louder than mere words of philosophy.

Such is the glory of his memory that even now people invoke ‘Rama Rajya’ as the ideal, utopian system. It gave a democratic monarchy to the people. A system in which even the most humble may voice their opinion and be noticed.