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Quotes from Vedas on Acquiring Wealth or Money

Wealth has to be won by deeds of glory. (Rig Veda Samhita vi-19-10)

One shall be led by the fair path to riches. (Vajasaneya Samhita v-36)

One should tread the sinless path and gather wealth. (Vajasaneya Samhita iv-9)

A man shall strive to win wealth by the righteous path. (Rig Veda Samhita x-31-2)

One who helps others wins wealth. (Rig Veda Samhita iv-50-9)

One who gets up early morning gets the treasure. (Rig Veda Samhita i-125-1)

(Source: Article ‘Wisdom of the ages’ in ‘The CTO Forum’ Magazine by Dr. S. Kannan)

Some more information on the topic:

The Vedas, ancient scriptures of Hinduism, encompass a wide range of topics including spirituality, ethics, rituals, and more. While they primarily focus on spiritual enlightenment and moral values, there are also verses that touch upon acquiring wealth or prosperity. Here are a few quotes from the Vedas related to wealth:

May we be blessed with abundance, may we be granted wealth in its fullest measure. - Rigveda 1.77.1

Let us acquire that excellent glory of the deity, let us enjoy that supreme splendor, like treasure, in the kingdom of God. - Atharvaveda 4.29.2

May we find prosperity in the wealth of cattle, may the god who gives food bestow upon us all manner of food. - Yajurveda 27.47

Riches wax abundant in the home of him who knows the sacrifice, and those who know it not obtain no share thereof. - Rigveda 1.1.9

May the god of wealth, who resides in the firmament, shower upon us the divine treasures of prosperity. - Atharvaveda 4.7.8

These verses reflect the ancient Indian perspective on wealth, often associating it with divine blessings and the fulfillment of one's duties and responsibilities.