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Comic Book on Lord Parashuram from Virgin Comics

Lord Parashuram is one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The latest comic book on the India Authentic series by Virgin Comics and Deepak Chopra is based on Parashuram. Apart from his heroic deeds, which form the crux of the comics, Lord Parashuram is credited with installing idols in several major Hindu temples across India.

Parashu means ‘Axe’ and thus he is the Ram who carried the Axe. The incarnation of Lord Vishnu after Parashuram is Lord Ram. Thus Parashuram represents the hunter-gather phase of Human evolution. Next is Lord Ram, the more civilized and social human being.

The Parashuram comic’s flyer talks more about the axe wielding Parashuram.

The comic takes a look at the metamorphosis of a peace loving hermit named Rama into one of the most feared warriors on the planet. When a tyrant massacres his family, Rama picks up the Axe and vows to rid the earth of Kings.

At first, I shed tears at the massacre of my kin at the hands of a ruthless king. The Axe mocked me. I felt anger well up in my heart, screaming to be unleashed. The Axe encouraged me. I tried to veer myself away from the path of vengeance. The Axe whispered in my ears. Once, I was a scholar, a man at peace with his soul. But now who I am is long gone. I have vowed to rid the earth of my enemies. The man I used to be is dead, his identity washed away in a deluge of retribution. Once, there was a hermit named Rama, now there is only The Axe.

Witness the rage and fury of a man pushed too far as he embarks on a bloody campaign, and the thirst for vengeance transforms him into the very thing he set out to fight.

The Parashuram comic will be released on February 27th 2008. It is written by Saurav Mohapatra.


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