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Hyderabad Chilkur Balaji Temple – the Visa God

Working or moving to the United States, Australia or other Western countries is a dream for many Indians. But enough visas are not issued by these western countries to meet the growing aspirations of the middle class Indians. So many Indians seek divine intervention and head to the Chilkur Balaji Temple – the Visa God. Vauhini Vara writes about this amazing divine intervention in The Wall Street Journal.

Chilkur Balaji Temple is about 25 km from Hyderabad off the Vikarabad road and on the banks of Osmansagar.

Some excerpts from the article titled – Divine Intervention? Indians Seek Help From the 'Visa God'
In the late 1990s, this small temple on the outskirts of Hyderabad -- the
capital of the southern state of Andhra Pradesh -- drew just two or three
visitors a week.
C.S. Gopala Krishna, the 63-year-old head priest of the
Chilkur Balaji Temple, wanted more people to come. So he gave Lord Balaji a new
identity. "I named him the Visa God," he says. Now, Mr. Gopala Krishna'…

Sankranthi in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Sankranthi is an important festival observed by Telugu speaking people in January in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It is quite similar to the Pongal Festival observed in Tamil Nadu and Makar Sankranthi observed in other parts of India. Sankranthi 2018 date is January 14.
Sankranthi is a four-day festival. The Bhogi festival is observed on the first day and second day is the most important day and is known as Sankranthi or Pongal. The third day of the festival is Kanuma and fourth and final day is referred as Mukkanuma. Uttarayana Punnyakalam period begins with Sankranthi and the next six months are considered highly auspicious.
On the Sankranthi day, ‘Pongali’, a dish prepared from the recent rice harvest is offered to Sankranthi Lakshmi. This is quite similar to the dish prepared in neighboring Tamil Nadu during Pongal. An important side dish prepared on the day is the pumpkin curry. 'Arselu' or special ‘Sankranthi Appam' is an important sweet delicacy prepared during Sa…

Sayings of Swami Satchidananda

If you look for your true nature in a distorted mirror you will see a crooked face. Is your face really crooked? What is the mirror in our case? Our minds. To see our true Self we must have clean, clear, calm minds. Some people keep the mirror clean and realize that they are beautiful. Others do not dust it well. Some break it; some bend it. When you make the mind calm and serene, you realize that the soul and God are one and the same, without any distortions, without any color. The body should also acquire that serenity that is called the relaxed or pure state. A very healthy and relaxed body with a calm and serene mind will allow the true light or the true nature of the Self within to express itself without any distortion.Swami Satchidananda