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Did Guinness World Records Make a Mistake in Judging the World’s Largest Hindu Temple?

Recently the Guinness World Records had certified BAPS Akshardham temple in Delhi as the world’s largest Hindu temple. But is it really the largest temple in the world? The doubt arises when the large temple complexes in Tamil Nadu are taken into account. Akshardham is 356 ft long and 316 ft wide, its grounds covers 86,342 sq ft. The total area of the temple complex is 32 acres of land.MaduraiMeenakshiTemple is 850 ft long and 800 ft wide. The total area of the complex is 17 acres.Other temples in Tamil Nadu that might challenge the Guinness World Records are the Thiruvannamalai Shiva Temple, Srirangam SriRanganthaswamyTemple complex and Thiruvarur Temple.The above picture is of the Thiruvannamalai Shiva Temple.
Hindustan Times reportsWhen informed that the entire Akshardham complex was spread over 30 acres, said B Raja, joint commissioner of the MeenakshiTemple, said, ‘A temple is a place for prayer. It is incorrect to include facilities for non-religious activities such as restaurant…

Download Mobile Game Based on Hanuman Animation Film

A mobile game based on animated feature Return of Hanuman was launched by Jump Games, an Indian based mobile games publisher and developer. The Return of Hanuman mobile game is being launched across all major operators in India. CDMA subscribers can get the game directly via their operators. GSM users can download the game by messaging 'Hanuman' to 55454. Percept Picture Company (PPC), the makers of Hanuman had tied up with Jump Games for video and mobile games download. The 2D animation film was earlier titled Hanuman Returns. In the mobile game Hanuman fights the evil forces - Guru Shukracharya and Rahu-Ketu.The game is also available in black and white and Jump Games is organizing an all India contest based on the game. RelatedReturn of Hanuman Preview