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Return of Hanuman the Animation Film

The upcoming sequel of Hanuman animation film has been rechristened as Return of Hanuman. Earlier, it was titled Hanuman Returns. Return of Hanuman is one of the costliest animation movies based on Hindu mythology and there are already reports of a third part titled Return of Ravana. The setting of Return of Hanuman is in the modern day and Lord Hanuman is born again. Named Maruti, the child Hanuman is different from other kids and there is no dearth of evil forces for him to bash up.Here is a preview of the movieMillions of years ago…the army of demons led by their general, Rahu-Ketu, are ready for the mother of all battles against the Gods. As the bugle is sounded, the two armies charge at each other and are locked in fierce combat. Rahu-Ketu creates havoc amidst the hapless armies of the Gods. Fortunately, to the rescue comes Lord Vishnu and throws the demons into space along with their Guru Shukracharya, whose body then takes the shape of planet Venus a.ka. Shukra-Graha. Shukrac…

Prahlad Chandra Brahmachari Quotes

By true Satsang, the mind is purified and the intelligence is clear about the inner being. If intelligence is clear, then ‘Divyagyan’ or God's true self is revealed. By ‘Divyagan’ we can have darshan of God, who is within us all.Love is the main thing. You can do japa, chant mantras, or do worship, but if you do not have love then all these things are worthless.If you want to have some coconut, first you have to remove the husk, then break through the hard shell to find the coconut. This illusion of self has been with us for a long time, so it is hard to break. But we all have to try very hard to do this. When the ego is removed, then in its place we will have devotion. Devotion means complete love. This devotion is what we are looking for.Prahlad Chandra Brahmachari