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Dashavatar – Animation film based on Ten Incarnations of Lord Vishnu

Dashavatar, an animation film based on the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu, is produced by Pune-based Anushvi Productions in association with Phoebus Creations Media Pvt. Ltd. This 2D animation film has voices of famous Bollywood actors and is directed by Bhavik. The narration is through the eyes of two children Aarti and Ajay, who are saved from kidnappers by Lord Vishnu. Sage Narada narrates to them how Lord Vishnu saved them but the children are not willing to accept the fact that Lord Vishnu saved them from the kidnappers. To prove this and the power of Lord Vishnu, Sage Narada transports the children to the time when Brahma created the universe. The children watch the entire creation process and the ten incarnation of Lord Vishnu.The animation film is scheduled to release in 2008.Related
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Mata Amritanandamayi Sayings on Scriptures

When we are hungry we eat just enough food to appease our hunger and not all the food in the kitchen. Many scholars waste their lives eating the whole thing.We spit out the residue after we enjoy the juice of the sugarcane. In the same way we should take the essence of the scriptures and discard the rest.By eating the picture of a banana, you won't get the taste or nourishment of the fruit. Scriptural study is necessary, but sadhana is needed to benefit from it.Scriptures, like a signboard, point the way; in order to reach the destination, you have to follow the instructions and move forward, not stand reading the board again and again.Mata Amritanandamayi