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Thaipusam - Thai Pusam Festival Dedicated to Muruga

Thaipusam is one of the most important festivals dedicated to Lord Muruga. It is believed that Goddess Parvati presented the ‘vel’ (lance) to Lord Murga on the Thaipusam day to defeat the demons. Thaipusam 2017 date is February 9. Like most Hindu festivals, Thaipusam too celebrates the victory of good over evil. Nowadays, Thaipusam garners international attention due to the body piercing done on the day with the Vel (lances) by Muruga devotees.

Lord Muruga, the son of Lord Shiva, is also known as Shanmugha, Subrahamanya, Kartikeya and Skanda. In Hindu mythology, he is the general of the army of the Devas.

Thaipusam is observed in the Tamil month of Thai (Januray – February). Thaipusam is mainly celebrated by the Hindu Tamil speaking community in India (especially in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh), Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka and in many other parts of the world were the Tamilians have settled.

The most important event on the day is that of …

Sri Ramana Maharshi on Bliss

The thought 'I am the body' is the thread on which are strung together various thoughts. Questioning within and enquiring, ‘Who am I?’ And ‘Whence this thought?’ all other thoughts vanish. Then the Self shines of its own accord. Such Self-awareness is the only Heaven; this stillness, this abode of bliss.Sri Ramana Maharshi