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Hindu Calendar 2011 with Pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddess

Calendar with photos of Hindu Gods and Goddess is one of the most sought after calendars in India. Hindus all around the world look forward to having one these calendars at home. The 2011 Calendar with pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddess is available online for sale. These are not free download calendars but are priced and will be shipped.
This 2011 Hindu Gods and Goddesses Wall Calendar is from B.G Sharma and Indra Sharma. The depth and majesty of Hinduism's pantheon of deities is illustrated in this calendar. Size Closed:12" x 12" Size Opened:12" x 24" Online price of this calendar ranges from $10 to $12 and is available at Amazon - Hindu Gods and Goddesses 2011 Wall Calendar

Note- These calendars only have pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses they will not contain nakshatras, rashi, tithi etc.

A poem on Lord Vishnu by Poihai

What form His devotees desire, that form itself the Lord takes;
What name His devotees desire, that name itself the Lord takes;
In what manner the devotees desire Him
And stand thinking of Him with unwinking eyes,
In that manner itself does the Lord of the Discus present Himself. Poihai (Saint – Poet)