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Garuda Comic from Virgin Comics

Garuda is the eighth comic book in the India Authentic series by Deepak Chopra and Virgin Comics. Garuda, the Hindu mythical bird and vehicle of Lord Vishnu, is revered and finds a prominent place in Hinduism and is worshipped as a deity in several Lord Vishnu shrines.

Lord Vishnu appearing on the Garuda Vahanam (Vehicle in the form of Garuda) is the most auspicious sight during the Brahmotsavams held in Vishnu temples in South India, especially in Tirupati Balaji Temple.

Deepak Chopra is presenting Garuda as – the Avian warrior Garuda. On the Garuda Comic from the flyer.

Born with blazing gilded wings of a hawk and the body of a man, Garuda became the sworn enemy of his half-brothers, the slithering serpents. When the crafty snakes hold this mother hostage and demand that Garuda steal the nectar of immortality from the gods, the warrior Garuda is caught between his own oath of walking the path of dharma and saving his mother.

Like all previous issues of India Authentic series, the emphasis this time around too seems to be on the heroism of the main character. The spiritual aspect and the valuable insight these legendary characters provide are lost in the undue importance given to violence.

Garuda Comic will be available on stores from December 19th, 2007.