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Navratri Dandiya Raas and Sex

For the past couple of years, newspapers and visual media have been reporting about the rise in the sexual activity during Navratri Dandiya Raas in Gujarat. In the past week, this blog has attracted several visitors on the topic even though the Dandia Ras related post had nothing to do with sex. So what’s the whole issue of this Dandiya Sex?

Young boys and girls make use of the freedom they get during the Navratri nights to indulge in sex. The Dandiya dance goes on till midnight and into the wee hours of the morning. And it is no more a secret that a minority of teenagers make use of freedom provided by the religious festival to indulge in sex with their girlfriends.

Reports appearing the newspapers and visual media suggest that there is an increase of 25 to 30% condom sale during the Navratri period in the cities in Gujarat. Hotels too make huge profits during the period as room rates for an hour ranges from Rupees 200 to 500. There is also a rise in the number of abortions in Gujarat a couple of months after Navratri.

Is it such a big issue?

Not a major issue yet, but still a concern for parents. And some wealthy parents are taking the service of private detectives to keep an eye on their daughters during Navratri. It might sound funny but it is true.

Certain so called national television channels in India is also blowing the whole episode out of proportion to sell sleaze and gossip. They forget that it is only a minority of teenagers that are indulging in these activities. In their excitement to earn more advertising revenue and popularity, these channels quite often forget the majority of the people and teenagers who celebrate and enjoy Navratri in right spirit.

These channels also fail to mention the numerous NGOs that are creating awareness among youngsters regarding the issue.

The Big Danger
Some unscrupulous people find it the right opportunity to create fast cash by shooting videos and pictures of teenagers in compromising positions on mobile phones and hidden cameras. These people use it either to blackmail the teenagers or their parents or sell it to websites that publish such contents.

The Solution
Parents should have the courage to discuss about such issues with their children and make them realize the seriousness of the problem. Parents should not shy away from programs or people or NGOs that are discussing the issue. They should encourage their children to listen to such programs.