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Manga Style Comics based on Hindu Mythology from Fluid Friction

Fluid Friction, a Hong Kong based team, is planning to release comic books based on Hindu Mythology in Manga Style or Japanese Style. The stories in the new comic are inspired by the Mahabharata. The comic series takes place in a place called Bhumi. It seems the residents of Bhumi are gods, demons, half-gods and men. Devashard is the first chapter from the chronicles of Bhumi.

Nothing much could be found regarding the storyline in Fluid Friction’s website but there is a character designing competition open to Indians. The participants have to design the character after reading the description of the character given in the brochure.

This is an image from the Fluid Friction website. So, don’t expect the normal Arjuna, Bhima and Krishna in the series. The first book in the series is expected in January 2008.