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Comic Book on Uma the Mother Goddess

The fourth book in the Deepak Chopra’s India Authentic series is based on the story of Uma or Parvati and her reunion with Lord Shiva. In her first birth Uma was Sati but she committed suicide because Daksha, her father, insulted Lord Shiva, her husband. Lord Shiva had warned her about her father’s behavior in spite of that Uma visited her father. Sati took rebirth as Uma but she had to undergo several trials before becoming the wife of Lord Shiva again.

Introduction to the Uma comic from Virgin Comics

“One life claimed by tragedy, one birth consumed by the flames of separation, I have been given a second chance by destiny, a second birth, a new life, to redeem myself and reclaim the love of my life.

I am Uma, the all-mother. I too am Shakti, the power divine and this time I shall move mountains, march into the very mouth of hellfire to reunite with my love, my liege, Lord Shiva, God of Gods.”

The book was released on August 8th 2007.