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Stuff Magazine – Ganesha with Alcohol bottles and Hanuman with a woman

Stuff magazine, an adult publication in the United States, in its June 2007 issue has illustrations of Ganesha with alcohol bottles and Hanuman with a woman. Another Hindu deity (unable to identify) is also part of the illustration, which is part of a general knowledge quiz that asks readers to identify whether things like a ‘zombie,’ ‘downward facing dog’ and ‘bulldog’ are yoga poses, drinks or sex positions.

The illustrations are of offending nature but still Hindus should see it and discuss and should form a public opinion against such illustrations.

Hindus in the United States have already protested but the magazine is already in circulation and it seems nothing can be done.

Degenerating Hindu deities is the latest trend around the world – two days back it was Goddess Lakshmi in an undergarment. Any sane person should know that it is offending to depict a deity with alcohol bottle and women. That too Lord Hanuman who is a known celibate.

Such illustrations keep cropping up mainly due to the lack of unity among Hindus. Hindus are divided – some fundamentalists, some secularists, some pseudo secularists and some everything is fine as long as my home is safe.