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Mirabai Quotes

Mira Bai, also known as Meera Bai or Mirabai, was a 16th-century Hindu mystic poet and devotee of Lord Krishna. Her poetry is filled with devotion, love, and longing for the divine. Here is a collection of some of the renowned quotes of Mirabai:

"Seek the true Guru and immerse yourself in the remembrance of God."

"My mind is entangled in the love of Krishna; I no longer have any regard for social conventions."

"I have found the keys to the treasures of the world; my beloved Krishna resides within me."

"I am a humble servant of the Lord, lost in the ecstasy of divine love."

"Krishna is my true companion; in his presence, all my fears dissolve."

"In this world of illusion, only the love of Krishna is real."

"I am a mad lover of Krishna; my only desire is to merge with him completely."

"Let my eyes behold only the form of Krishna, for he is the essence of beauty."

"In the ocean of love, I am drowning; only the name of Krishna is my lifeboat."

"I offer my every breath at the feet of Krishna, for he is my sustenance."

"I care not for the opinion of the world, as long as Krishna is pleased with me."

"My love for Krishna knows no bounds; it consumes me entirely."

"With every beat of my heart, I chant the name of Krishna, for he is my refuge."

"The path of devotion is the sweetest journey; with Krishna by my side, I fear no obstacles."

"Let the world mock and ridicule me; I am content in the embrace of my beloved Krishna."

"Krishna is the ultimate truth; everything else is just an illusion."

"I have renounced all worldly attachments; my only attachment is to the feet of Krishna."

"In the company of saints, I find solace; their words remind me of the glory of Krishna."

"I am but a humble servant of the Lord, longing for his divine grace."

"With every breath, I chant the name of Krishna, for it is my only salvation."

These quotes reflect Mira Bai's profound devotion and love for Lord Krishna, which remains an inspiration for devotees and seekers of spiritual truth across generations.

That dark Dweller in Braj
Is my only refuge.
O my companion,
Worldly comfort is an illusion,
As soon you get it, it goes.
I have chosen the Indestructible for my refuge,
Him whom the snake of death
Will not devour.
My Beloved dwells in my heart,
I have actually seen that Abode of Joy.
Mira's Lord is Hari, the Indestructible.
My Lord, I have taken refuge with Thee,
Thy slave.

A Prayer in praise of the feet of Lord Vishnu by Meerabai

O mind,
Worship the feet of Hari
When Prahlada grasped them
He became Indra
When Dhruva sought refuge in them
He found paradise
In the body of the dwarf
They measured the universe
Their touch saved Ahalya
They tamed Kaliya
They supported Mount Govardhana
When Krishna was cowherd
Mira is his servant –
The raft of unnavigable seas

Mirabai’s devotional Poem – Life in the world is short

Life in the world is short,
Why shoulder an unnecessary load
Of worldly relationships?
Thy parents gave thee birth in the world,
But the Lord ordained thy fate.
Life passes in getting and spending,
No merit is earned by virtuous deeds.
I will sing the praises of Hari
In the company of the holy men,
Nothing else concerns me.
Mira's Lord is the courtly Giridhara

A Poem Dedicated to Lord Krishna by Mirabai

Let me behold Thee in every being,
I am singing and dancing
To have sight of Thee.
I cannot suppress my tears
However much I try.
They flow like streams and drench my clothes.
I wait the whole night to meet Thee
Every sound stirs me within.
My bosom heaves, my eyes ache, my ears burn,
I find solace in these tears
Quenching of my thirst
Joy in thy remembrance
Pleasure in thy Name
Bliss in thy dancing
Happiness in singing Thy praise
Mira's Lord is Giridhar.
She cannot live without Him.