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Ganesha Comic from Virgin Comics

Virgin Comics is reinterpreting popular Hindu Mythology with modern illustrations and narrative styles. These illustrated graphic novels on Hindu themes are created by Deepak Chopra. The comic Ganesha is the first book in Deepak Chopra’s India Authentic series. For any kind of beginning, the best Hindu deity is Lord Ganesha and even for a comic series.

Well, if you are thinking what India Authentic is all about, it is nothing but a ploy to sell Hindu mythology to the West in Western style but with a genuine Indian tag.

From Virgin Comics about Ganesha

Come with us on a journey to witness the origins of a God, a timeless tale of an inanimate golem crafted from primordial clay by Uma, the all-mother. His innocent bravado in defying Shiva, the mightiest of the Gods and even giving up his life to uphold a simple promise he made to his mother, the twist of fate that intertwines his destiny with another and the "rebirth" of the two as they become one.

What’s new in this comic? Well, no one can change the basic story. So, in this comic there are wonderful illustrations and a narrative style that we often associate with Western comics.

Ganesha is written by Saurav Mohapatra, Art is by Satish Tayade and Cover Design is by Abhishek Singh

Images are a property of Virgin Comics